My current body of work is an investigation into phenomenology. Curiosity continues to drive my exploration of the structure of consciousness and experience. The formal language present in this body of work is based on the exploration of construction, growth and how that is translated into ceramic material. Clay, a transformative and versatile material,  is my visual language.  I hand build ceramic structures, repeating lines in space, spatially defined objects, building scaffolding, using visual elements as a system of communication. Clay translates the subjective to the objective. The material by its nature is transformative, the structures I form experience a physical transformation yet still hold the original essence of the object, I wish to replicate or rebuild the objects of the conscious- through remembrance, retention, etc, all these types of intention still direct consciousness towards the object. For ceramics, this means there is a structure to be discovered, albeit in a possibility of ways.

A current theme I am exploring with my work is the role a story has in how we store and structure our experiences.  Structure is revealed during the act of remembrance of a story. I seek to understand how activating the memory of the physical object occupies and transforms the object memory through the consciousness. The story of the object again becomes manifest in the sculpture, peeking through, its edges and finish remembered in the edges echoed in the clay structures. The structure that is discovered  through the act of retention-- the act of preserving the after effects acting as a sieve to hold the biggest chunks of important knowledge, the unique pieces staying, remaining as long as possible through each active recall of experience. Each recall brings recognition, the remembrance of the unique pieces further binds them into the next occasion of recall.